Welcome to my Webbed Site!

Thanks for stopping by!

If you happen to stumble upon my website, I hope you enjoy my journey of creating something interesting. I hope you have your own website and I hope you leave a link to it! Thanks for reading - hopefully we'll keep in touch!

Long-term interests:

  • Autism, ADHD, and Neurodivergency
  • Social justice
  • Les Miserables (novel and musical!)
  • Snoopy and the Peanuts gang
  • Star Trek
  • Ben Folds

Current Fixations:

  • The indieweb and personal websites
  • 90s nostalgia
  • Rainbow color palettes
  • The life of Vincent van Gogh
  • Anarchism and mutual aid
  • Climate activism


Sept 21 2023 - Updated and reorganized links page

Sept 20 2023 - Figured out how to call up header and sidebar from separate html files; basically feeling like an Internet Goddess??
Updated home page.

Sept 18 2023 - Update "Links" page

Sept 11-17 2023 - Lost in an unfortunate index.html editing accident.

Sept 10 2023 - Updated the layout & sidebar, added navigation list.

Sept 8 2023 - Created this nifty scrolling box for updates.

Sept 7 2023 - Screwed around on the homepage and created the 'collections' and 'toybox' pages.

Sept 6 2023 - Hello World! Welcome to my brand new website. I'm just brushing off my CSS and HTML and falling into a deep nostalgia hole.

gif of Snoopy dancing