Enjoy this library of links I've collected.

Creativity & Crafting

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Computers & Software

  • Ninite - Install all your programs at once without bloatware

  • TOS;DR - Gives you the tl;dr for terms of service

  • Bitwarden - Free and open source password manager

  • Just Beam It - Peer-to-peer file transfer. No limits.

  • ID Ransomware - Got ransomware? They might be able to help.

  • Wayback Machine - Website archives

  • No More Google - Privacy-focused Google alternatives

  • Curlie - Massive collection of links to interesting sites

  • Bitsy - Make cute little games

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  • I Have No TV - Tons of free documentaries

  • Radio Garden - Listen to radio stations anywhere around the globe

  • You Are Listening To - Soothing ambient music mixed with real-time police scanners from around the US. Don't forget: ACAB!

  • My 90s TV - Experience TV like it was in the 90s

  • Two Seven - Syncs streaming services to let you watch with anyone anywhere

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  • Just the Recipe - Paste a link to any online recipe and strip out all the bullshit


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Graphics & Images

  • Tin Eye - The original reverse image search

  • Foto Forensics - Upload a photo and get all kinds of hidden info

  • Online OCR - Image to text converter

  • - Removes backgrounds from photos

  • Coolors - Generate color palettes and play with colors

  • Photopea - Feature-for-feature recreation of Photoshop in your browser

  • Poline - Interesting color palette generator

  • Make Wordart - Generate Microsoft Wordart just like it's the good old days

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  • This to that - Literally just advice about what glue to use

  • Atlas Obscura - Find obscure and unique places when travelling

  • Get Human - Skip the automtaed system and talk to a person

  • Police Manuals - Find police operating manuals per city

  • Car Complaints - Find out common complaints for any car's make/model/year

  • Public Pianos - Listing of public pianos all of the world, ready to be played

  • Mechanical Watch - Ever wonder how a mechanical watch works? This is a stunning interactive breakdown of the whole shebang

  • You Feel Like Shit - An interactive self-care flowchart for when you feel like shit

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Queer Stuff

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  • Dracula Daily - Bram Stoker's classic epistolic novel delivered to your inbox in real time beteween May and November each year

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Website DIY

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  • One Look - Reverse dictionary/thesaurus

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