About Me

Just an aging millennial reliving the old days.

Emily Spinach is obviously not my real name. 20 fake Internet points to you if you know where it comes from (drop it in the Guestbook!)

I'm a queer neurodivergent leftist in my late 30's. I was born in the US and immigrated to western Europe about a decade ago. By day I'm a pixel-pusher, and by night I'm usually exhausted.

I'm autistic along with a heaping portion of ADHD, so I vacillate between dozens of special interests. I have a plethora of creative hobbies. I love non-fiction books. I listen to way too many hours of podcasts each week. I love animals, especially my own doggos. I love learning about nature and biology.

Being neurodivergent is a huge part of my identity - maybe the most important part. It cannot be separated from any aspect of my life. I am proud to be neurodivergent but it does make it extremely difficult to get by in the world as we know it today. I, personally, do not consider ADHD and autism disorders, but I do consider them disabling. However, I love being neurodivergent, I love being around other neurodivergent people, and I wouldn't change it for anything. If you take away my neurodivergence, there is nothing left!

Politics and social justice are big parts of my life as well. I'm anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-authoritarian, and anti-capitalist. Feel free to go away if that bothers you.

To learn more about me, just browse the site! Enjoy your stay!